Workshops / Facilitation

We deliver leading-edge Workshops that engage and challenge participants.  Our facilitation approaches help to identify opportunities that work for your company.

Our programs are developed based upon adult learning principals and consistently deliver the strategies and the necessary tools for participants to drive change and add long-term value to your business.

Workshops What we offer!
Serious Incident / Crisis Management  Planning This workshop is designed for individuals to have the tools to develop and implement a Serious Incident / Crisis Management program.  Serious Incident Management is the activity which integrates recognition, assessment, and development of management and mitigation strategies.  This workshop is developed with the client to ensure all the elements are covered and able to effectively respond in the event of a serious injury/loss.
Corporate Governance for H&S Workshop Specific corporate governance workshops for boards of directors and senior managers ensures due diligence and an effective internal responsibility system.
Senior Management Annual Training Workshop Hands-on workshop for senior managers to assist in the develop of a health and safety management system that develops a health and safety culture incorporating due diligence and internal responsibility elements.
Workwell Workshop This session prepares a workplace on how to effectively meet the program requirements and strategies to ensure success during the evaluation process.
Risk Assessment Strategies Workshop This workshop will allow your team to effectively identify hazards, implement controls, and develop and action plan and evaluate the effectiveness of your program.
H&S indicators, metrics and analysis (pro-active) This workshop helps organizations to assess their health and safety performance by reviewing lagging indicators and moving to using leading indicators to assess and determine your company’s health and safety performance.

We deliver Educational programs and workshops that engage and challenge participants.

Our programs are developed based upon adult learning principals and consistently deliver the strategies and tools necessary for participants to drive change and add long-term value to your organization.

Sturm Consulting wants to do more than help solve your OHS, risk and workers’ compensation problems – we want to help you prevent those problems from ever occurring in the first place. Our workshops arm you and your employees with the ability to minimize your costs, legal liabilities and exposures before things go wrong.

Our courses can be offered onsite or at our location and we are more than willing to conduct courses at times that are convenient for your team (evenings, weekends, shut-down periods).

The following sample of some of our courses and workshops can be customized or additional courses / workshops can be developed to meet the specific requirements of your organization.

Health & Safety Committee Training

  • Characteristics of an effective committee
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Terms of Reference
  • Provincial certification / level training
  • OHS Program highlighting specific Federal & Provincial jurisdiction reference
  • Accident & Incident Investigation
  • Inspections for Committee members
  • Inspections for Managers and above!

Supervisor Skills for Success

  • How to supervise for safety
  • Coaching & Motivation
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • How to hold a Safety meeting

General Safety Topics

  • Safety Responsibilities – Yours & Mine (Due Diligence & the Internal Responsibility System)
  • Workplace Inspections
  • Developing Policies, Procedures & Documentation
  • Workplace Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment & Control Implementation
  • Effective Accident / Incident / Investigation

Effective Claims Management & Return-to-Work

Human Resource Topics:

  • Harassment, Bullying & Poison Work Environments
  • Harassment Investigations & Resolution Recommendations
  • Effective Claims Management & Return-to-work
  • Written & Verbal Communication Skills
  • How to write a good policy / procedure / guideline
  • Leadership
  • Communication

Motivational Sessions:

  • “What’ s this Safety Culture Stuff?”
  • “What’s up with Compliance and Enforcement?”