Leadership / Governance

We specialize in providing customized strategic health and safety management solutions, ensuring  “value preservation “and delivering “added value” to your organization.

Our team has the experience necessary to provide the key strategic expertise for your organization and transform challenges into opportunities.

H&S Strategic Leadership What we offer!
Crisis / Issues Management for Senior Management This is designed for senior managers to have the tool kit to develop, implement and effectively respond using a Serious Incident / Crisis Management process.  Serious Incident Management is the activity which integrates recognition, assessment, development of management and mitigation strategies.  We will help senior managers to ensure they are able to effectively respond to all the elements are covered in the event of a serious injury.
Risk Intelligence Risk Intelligence is a forward thinking and integrated approach to health and safety.  It includes a definition of risk as “value preservation and value creation”, a business aligned framework, defined roles and responsibilities, governing body oversight, senior management involvement, integration throughout the organization, and effective ongoing oversight, evaluation and auditing.  We will customize for your organization.
Sustainability & Global Metrics Leading organizations are incorporating health and safety metrics into their annual reports and many organizations are reporting globally their health and safety performance as part of their sustainability reporting framework.  This prepares an organization to meet the global reporting requirements for your company.
Dealing with Regulators In order to effectively deal with health and safety regulators, develop a strategy that removes your organization from “target lists” and other regulatory initiatives that hinder business rather than create business value.
Beyond Compliance Beyond Compliance – Looking Forward© is a proven approach to succeed and to be better than others in your health and safety performance.  Strategies and approaches are applied to meet your company’s specific goals and objectives.
Governance / H&S Strategic Planning Many times health and safety priorities are effectively dealt with during day-to-day issues. While every department within an organization needs to be flexible to react to ongoing needs, an effective Strategic Plan allows the management team through Health and Safety to deliver the needs of the organization. Our senior leadership team has the experience in facilitating strategic discussions, identifying organizational needs and translating those needs into action based S.M.A.R.T goals. Health and Safety Strategic plans are unique to each organization and we work to focus and deliver to meet the needs of each organization.

It has become accepted by leading companies today the importance of taking a strategic and leadership approach to health and safety risk management. The law of “due diligence” does not require that you have it all done at once. You are required to tackle first the hazards which pose the greatest risks and are likely to cause the most serious injuries or loss. It is prudent to have a plan in place to address all of the other risks over time and with a strategic allocation of resources, you will have demonstrated the effort to meet the requirements for due diligence. Once you have a plan in place, then you can work steadily towards building your program and addressing the other, less likely and less potentially damaging workplace hazards. Contact us to discuss how Sturm Consulting can meet your specific needs.