Our Work

Sturm Consulting is a senior international management consulting company, specializing in health, safety and risk consulting and services: small enough to provide every client with personal and tailored specific service, and yet large enough with proven senior level experience to meet your needs.

Workplace incidents and issues don’t keep normal business hours. Sturm Consulting is uniquely available to provide urgent assistance that just can’t wait until nine o’clock the next morning.  We provide our special clients “just in time” access to meet your health and safety requirements.

Sturm Consulting specializes in assisting small business, corporations, industry & government to create viable & a sustainable business through client specific Health & Safety Management Systems & Business Support. We are ready to work in partnership with you to assess your needs, evaluate scalable options, develop real world solutions & assist you to fulfill your company’s vision, goals & objectives.

We work with you to facilitate & support your journey towards success with a company specific and integrated management system moving forward to a total safety culture.

Who we are:

Sturm Consulting is a senior team of health, safety, human resource and risk management professionals.

Our team includes professionals with expertise in corporate matters;  training which includes real business advisors with national and international expertise.

We achieve results for our clients while earning respect for our professional approach.  Our focus is on long-term relationships with our clients. We value integrity, collaboration, creativity, perseverance, and above all, excellent service to our clients.

What we do:

We provide consulting, workshops and leadership guidance that will significantly reduce workplace injuries/loss and the resulting long-term and hidden costs. We partner with our clients to meet all their health and safety, human resources and risk management needs.

What sets us apart  (why are we different):

We focus on real solutions that affect our clients’ bottom line. We offer a flexible range of outcome-based pricing options that can be customized for each client’s budget and needs, and we only do work that has the potential to reduce your actual costs and increase profitability.

We provide workshops to help our clients minimize or avoid legal problems and costly accidents. Our “Prevention Focus” workshops are highly informative and engage boards of directors, senior managers, employers, supervisors, managers and employees on:  Due Diligence, Internal Responsibility System, Risk Assessment and Gap Analysis.

We are ready to work with you to assess your needs, evaluate options and develop solutions.

Consulting Education H&S Strategic Leadership
Serious Incident – Crisis Management Serious Incident / Crisis Management Planning Crisis / Issues Management for Senior Management
Annual Corporate Compliance Audits (CSA Z1000, OHSAS 18000) Corporate Governance for H&S Workshop Risk Intelligence
Gap Analysis – Opportunity Identification Senior Management Annual Training Workshop Sustainability and Global Metrics
Workwell Preparation Workwell Workshop Dealing with Regulators
Modern Risk Assessment Risk Assessment Strategies Workshop Beyond Compliance
OH&S Best Practices, Policies, Procedures H&S Indicators, Metrics, and Analysis (Pro Active) Governance H&S Strategic Planning