Consulting / Coaching

We deliver leading Safety, Health and Risk Consulting solutions that inspire change, enhance leadership and add long-term business value to your organization.

We believe in a systematic and balanced approach with a focus on key areas including Risk Assessment, Effective Senior Leadership,  OH&S Policy & Strategy, within your safety management system.

Consulting What we offer!
Serious Incident – Crisis Management Sturm Consulting provides consulting services for your Serious Incident – Crisis Response Plan. These services will help to ensure an efficient and effective response to critical situations that may occur:

  • The primary focus of Sturm Consulting is the development of a Serious Incident – Crisis Response Plan for your specific industry sector.
  • Maintain all pertinent existing contact information and create a comprehensive Crisis Response Plan distribution list.
  • Prepare the necessary public information and communication packages.
  • Conduct orientation sessions with your organization to outline communication lines, scope, duties and responsibilities of each individual.
  • Develop training scenarios and exercises in order to maintain efficiency of planned responses.
  • Provide relevant safety training for individuals within your organization.
  • Maintain a working relationship with your organization including follow-up visitations of the plan.
  • Provide on-site response and crisis management support to your senior management team
  • Conduct post-incident investigations to determine causes, preventative action and mitigation strategies.
Annual Corporate  Compliance Audits (CSA Z1000, ISO 18000) Sturm Consulting provides compliance audits that are documented and systematic audit(s) to review an organization’s compliance status against applicable laws and regulations.  It is significant for organizations to demonstrate ongoing due diligence by continually monitoring and assessing protocols  to ensure your Board of Directors are meeting your organization’s legal and health/safety performance goals. Sturm Consulting goes beyond typical compliance auditing by using our over 30 years of expertise to identify best management practices, business and cost improvements in the areas of health and safety and managing your risks.Our audits are aligned to the ISO 19011 Guidelines for Auditing Management Systems. Our tools can be used to prepare for CSA Z1000, OHSAS 18001, COR and Workwell audits.
Gap Analysis – Opportunity Identification Our Looking Forward Gap Analysis© provides your organizations with a formal program review, comparing your current health and safety management system to several recognized standards.  The review will:

  • Assess your current health and safety management system
  • Evaluate current hazard assessment and control documentation
  • Identify areas in your current health and safety management system requiring improvement or enhancement.

A detailed report completed in conjunction with your team will outline our findings and identify opportunities for improvement of your health and safety management system.

Workwell Preparation Our Team has over 20 years experience with preparing companies to meet the requirements of the Workwell Audit. Our team members were actual Workwell Auditors; who have  completed over 500+ Workwell Audits.  We also managed the Workwell program as the Director of Workwell, experience of completing evaluations in every sector and business size.We will work with your team to develop your health and safety program, but more importantly provide hands on support and training to achieve success. We can provide pre-audit, during audit and post–audit support to your team.  This will eliminate the mystery and confusion around the Workwell process and program requirements.  Take advantage of our Workwell Preparation workshop to give you the tools and ability to effectively respond with complete confidence.
Modern Risk Assessment Workplace hazards and managing the related risks are the foundation of all OHS prevention programs and effective risk management.The Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment workshop provides participants with practical tools for use in identifying workplace hazards and assessing the risk of loss.Additionally, participants will review classifications of hazards and the hierarchy of controls.
OH&S Best Practices, Policies, Procedures The development of a customized OHS Best Practices, Policies and Procedures is the backbone of any OHS Management Program. Our custom developed modules include:

  • Duties and Responsibilities
  • Right to Refuse Unsafe Work
  • Incident Investigations
  • Joint Health and Safety Committees / Safety Representatives
  • Workplace Violence
  • Designated Substances
  • Hot Work
  • Manual Material Handling

We are able to customize your policies and programs based upon the needs of your organization.  We will align your quality, environment and health and safety polices and procedures into one integrated program.

Disability Management Strategies  Our Disability Management Program is designed to provide you with the effective tools and techniques to successfully manage workplace injuries and/or illnesses.  We have over 30 years of experience with workers’ compensation and disability management issues. We will assist you to:

  • Proactively minimize the impact of injury and illness incident.
  • Implement early and proactive interventions.
  • Effectively and reasonably provide suitable and meaningful transitional work to employees following an incident.

At your company, employees are a valuable asset, and we look to always create an environment where your best people are able to do their best work!

We deliver leading Safety, Health and Risk Consulting solutions that inspire change, enhance leadership and add long-term business value to your organization. We believe in a systematic and balanced approach with a focus on key areas including: Critical-Crisis Management, Compliance Audits, Risk Assessment; Health and Safety Best Practices, Corporate Governance, Senior Management Accountability, all within your safety management system.

Our goal is to help you prioritize your efforts so that you spend your limited health and safety resources wisely.

Short Term Health & Safety Consultant Service:

We have the skilled practitioners to provide organizations with a dedicated professional adviser, allowing a way to maintain health & safety performance to suit your requirements & budget.

  • Our team provides a variety of plant or field services, from regular on-site inspections, orientation, COR certification consulting,… to a full time Safety Officer.
  • Our Safety professional will provide you with the clear understanding of legislative requirements & guidance you need to be confident that safety issues are under control at your facility or for your company during construction, expansions & turnarounds.